Carpentry Adhesives

Romabond UF 1008
•    Urea based adhesive supplied in powder form. Suitable for pressing the natural veneer onto Chipboard(MFC) or MDF panels.
•    E1 norm.
•    Should be prepared by mixing 2 kg adhesive with 1 liter of water.
•    Amount of Packaging : 25kg. 

Romabond Fast Adhesive
•    Consists of a pack containing a high viscosity Cyanoacrylite adhesive and a spray activator.
•    Used for repair and assembly of wooden pieces, bonding of MDF, Rubber, Leather and Plastic surfaces to each other. Recommended for all applications where fast curing is essential.
•    Strong bonding characteristics, suitable for vertical surface applications; does not splash or flow off.
•    The high viscosity improves the bonding strength, especially on porous surfaces.
•    Make sure the surface is dry and free off dust, dirt or oil. Apply the activator on one of the bonding surfaces and wait for it to dry. Apply the adhesive to the other surface and press both parts strongly together for a few seconds.
•    Has a 12 months shelf life; should be kept in a dry and cool place in original packaging.
•    Amount of Box : 48piece / 1box  

Romabond Marine Adhesive

•    One-component, polyurethane wood and derivatives adhesive with D4 norm (DIN EN204). Should be applied on moist surfacs; the ambient air and wood humidity assist the curing process.
•    Used on all bonding applications requiring water resistance, on furniture production, boat production and bonding of wooden materials to each other as well as to metal, concrete and all kind of plastic materials.
•    Can be applied easily, has a low viscosity and is fast curing.
•    Endures high and low temperatures, also resistant to humidity and most chemicals.
•    Amount of Box : 48piece / 550ml.

Romabond PU Montage Kit - Liquid Nail
•    D4 norm polyurethane adhesive which cures with humidity, has strong bonding characteristics and a filling feature. (DIN EN204)
•    Used for bonding most of construction materials; mainly wooden products, metal, concrete, PVC, polyester etc. Also used in furniture manufacturing, assembly of wooden doors and window frames, bonding of bricks, tiles, natural stones as well as applications on marine manufacturing.
•    Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surface applications; does not flow off. Not suitable for usage on Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, ABS or PTFE surfaces. Shows excellent resistance to humidity and all weather conditions.
•    Low consumption; it is economical.
•    Easy to use; fast curing and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
•    Perfect resistance to humidity and all weather conditions (D4 according to DIN EN 204).
•    Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one of the parts only, press bonded parts for a minimum of 15minutes. Lightly moisten the surfaces to reduce curing time and increase the bonding strength. Use acetone to clean newly applied adhesive.
•    Amount of Box : 24piece / 300ml.

Romabond Silicone
•    Long-lasting, flexible and high quality silicone sealant that can be used successfully on multi-purpose filling and sealing applications.
•    Bonds easily on a large variety of products like glass, aluminum, painted wood with no requirement for a primer. Used on sanitary rooms, kitchens and other dump areas.
•    The application surface should be clean and dry with an ambient temperature between + 5 and 40ºC.
•    Should be kept in a dry place with a temperature under 30ºC.
•    Amount of Box : 25piece / 280ml.

Romabond Foam
•    One-component aerosol polyurethane foam that cures and dilates with the ambient air moisture. The higher the moisture level on the surface applied, the better the performance of the foam. Should be used together with the plastic straw applicator supplied with each container. Does not contain any propellant gas hazardous to the Ozone layer.
•    Could be used as a general-purpose filling, bonding and insulating material. Mainly used on the assembly and insulation of  window and door frames, filling and insulation of large cracks, insulation of electrical installations as well as hot and cold water pipes.
•    High thermal and acoustic insulation performance thanks to its excellent bonding and filling characteristics.
•    Perfect assembly and stability feature; could be used for bonding a wide range of construction materials (except Polyethylene, PTFE, silicone, oils etc.); water and mould resistant.
•    The cured and hardened foam can easily be cut, painted, sanded or plastered.
•    The ideal room temperature during application is +20°C. Shake the can well before use and apply the plastic straw applicator onto the valve. Position the can upside down and press the valve for the foam to come out. Moisten the application area and the foam in order to reduce the curing time and increase the bonding strength.
•    Newly applied foam can be cleaned with acetone or foam cleaner. Cured foam can only be cleaned by mechanical methods.
•    Amount of Box : 12piece / 860gr.

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